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Our company was born in Ceraso (SA), in Cilento in the province of Salerno.

Here the Iannicelli family has been carrying on the tradition of growing olive trees for the production of high quality olive oil for over 200 years.

In the labels of the "Sopraffino di Ceraso", "Finissimo di Ceraso" and "Extra Fine di Ceraso" olive oils, in fact, the ancient brands of the Iannicelli family relive which already in the 1800s boasted the prestige of managing an export activity such as to allow cross the oceans to get to South America.

Methods of cultivation, fertilization and defense of the plants that are still completely natural today, the olive harvest in the peak period of qualitative performance and the rapid delivery of the fruit to the mill in 24 hours, are the key elements that have allowed us to obtain the high production standard handed down from generation to generation.

The pride and trust in the high quality level we achieved soon led us to develop the intention of submitting it to a strict certification process that would guarantee its authenticity and naturalness in every stage of production, from the cultivation of the plant until bottling.
We have thus achieved the recognition conferred by "Sidel CAB SpA" Organic Agriculture Certification, code 5767, authoritative certification and inspection body, authorized by the Ministry of Agricultural, Food, Forestry and Tourism Policies and by the Ministry of Economic Development.
We have been rewarded for pursuing a production method based on total respect for agricultural ecosystems by refusing to compromise such as the use of genetically modified organisms or synthetic products and making use of the only source allowed by the ancient modus operandi: the natural fertility of the soil of Cilento.

We then decided to extend our cultivation areas, combining the production of our historic oil with that of white and red wine and the cultivation of the well-known Fico Bianco del Cilento, a Slow Food presidium and unique typicality of the Park territory whose Protected Designation of Origin (DOP) has been recognized by the authorized certification body "Agroqualità" and registered in the national register of denominations and protected geographical indications.

It is precisely the Fico Bianco del Cilento that represents our second production branch as well as the second icon of the territory and a fundamental element in the local culinary history and tradition.
In fact, history tells us that it was the ancient Greek colonists who transplanted this tradition, in a date prior to the sixth century BC, helping to favor the development of a varied diet known throughout the world for the beneficial effects and for the longevity it guarantees anyone who decides to adopt it together with a healthy lifestyle: the Mediterranean diet.

All this happens in the Cilento Park, which fascinates visitors by offering landscapes that contain centuries of history and anecdotes from our past.
Suffice it to recall that this very land has been a crossroads for wayfarers and travelers acting as a hinge between the Adriatic and the Tyrrhenian Sea and thus merging peoples and cultures.

The Cilento Coast also boasts 2 protected marine areas and 10 blue flags, an international recognition that is awarded to coastal resorts that have clean seas and beaches that meet high quality parameters.

We want to invite you to visit this corner of paradise located in the southern area of ​​the Campania region, in the province of Salerno, an area declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO.
Come and stay in one of our houses that you find on Airbnb and for which we have obtained the title of Superhost, distinguishing ourselves in terms of hospitality, courtesy and service.

Welcome to Cilento